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Welcome, Meet Audrey Grunst LCSW

Coachabilty's mission is to provide all athletes with emotional coping skills that help them feel resilient and ready to take on the world of young adulthood. It is our goal to partner with competitive sports program to increase the emotional and psychological resiliency in elite athletes. As a mental performance coach and former athlete, I understand what it takes to be successful beyond the court. 

I loved the game since I was in 5th grade, my dedication and hard work earned a full ride scholarship to a D1 school. I thought I was mentally tough but when the sport was taken from me, due to a career ending injury, little did I know, I was not mentally strong enough to cope with a "normal life."  I want to help athletes improve their mental resiliency not just on the court, but off the court too.

Coachability partners with sports team to provide online mental wellness trainings.

This is for you if you worry about the well being of your athletes and you want to go above and beyond the call of duty. Like me, you understand the importance of mentally and emotionally steady players and families.

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